At The Dog Party we believe our pets style should be an extension of our own. We search high and low to find truly unique products for pets and their people. Everything you find at our parties comes from homegrown companies that share our values.


We are sisters and dog lovers. Since we started The Dog Party, we live in the dog world now- where cat naps and party hats are completely acceptable. We’ve searched high and low for the incredible products we carry at our parties. We are confident that you and your pets will feel a special connection to our hand-picked items and to the fun experience we offer at The Dog Party.

  • Hailey Frances

    Hailey Frances


    Hailey has spent the last decade as a TV Personality, Journalist & News Anchor in some of the largest cities in the country. She lives with her fiance & their two dogs, Bear & Moana.

  • Breezie Gindlesperger

    Breezie Gindlesperger


    Breezie comes from a background in fashion and pet product retail. She lives with her dog Hudson, & her two cats
    Bert & Twilight.

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    Your Name Here

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